Private Label Sale

Schneider designs and manufactures milling cutters for indexable inserts since 1967. Over the years it has been formed a team of experts with extensive capabilities in marketing, design and manufacturing.

The deep background of Schneider comes from constant attention to product improvement , a meticulous attention to detail and a continuous learning process.

Critical factors of success are resumed in four macro categories:


30 years of experience in “Private Label” service, 92% of export market and direct connections with multinational corporations make up part of the background of Schneider.

Create your own brand!

You will get several advantages to go for a private label brand. The advantages include:
1. Control over pricing of the product/service;


2. Put forth own ideas on marketing plans;
3. Create personalized image which in turn leads to higher customer loyalty;
4. Higher control on production, marketing, distribution and profits;
5. Give their own inputs, additional materials, logos, etc.
6. Customer's changing preference.

Schneider team is extremely experienced and it is using the latest management technologies. The mission of our team is efficiently resumed in the folkowing star graph: